27 December, 2006

"Like Birthday and Christmas come at once"

Wait... thats exactly what it is.

So for Christmas I got clothes for skiing, the Fratellis CD, Ice Age 2 DVD, chocolate, £10 Chapelfield vouchers, a CD rack, for my million CDs, some deodorant (at least this year it was a miniature one), a pen desk thing, a speaking mic for computer, some chewing gum, a total of £160 from various and as my main present, and finally i got a large pair of boxers from my neighbour with winnie the pooh on them and the words "show me the honey". Oh dea! But the other pressies were all handy.

I need to wait to see what I get for birthday first to decide what to spend my money on, but at the moment I know I need Sibelius Student edition for my AS Music compositions, as I don't have enough time at school to perfect my work.

If I've got enough after Saturday, I may see if my cousins girlfriend can get me a Wii as I managed to get a play on my cousin's on Christmas Eve - my arm still aches.

Anyway, gotta go do some more revision - have been letting the maths slip a bit.

"Mry Chrsms evry1."

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