31 December, 2006

Another Year...

Once again I am stuck with my parents for New Year's Eve, after no one at Notre seems to have a house big enough to throw a party, and my friend dropped out from coming round mine at the last minute to go to a girly sleepover thing instead. Oh well... maybe next year I might manage to have fun.

As for this year, its just mum, dad and I round the neighbours for a good old country celebration (lots of linking arms, Auld Lang Sein (or variant on that spelling) and mulled wine) with me being the youngest there as Aiken has blagged an invite round his friends - I could go too, but I can't really stand several hours with a load of 14 year old boys who all play guitar better than me. So yea.

Bit of a blur for me really!
I was with Aislinn up until July, at Easter we went to the Peaks, then exams came and went, then I was off to Spain, then Camping down in Suffolk, then the rest of the holidays...
Received my exam results and was extremely pleased, even though they could have been better if I'd managed to open my revision guides at all. Started Notre Dame in a flash, and here I am a term later writing my Birthday Blog as it will henceforth be called.

Well I'm feeling quite good about myself, despite school giving me a thorough headache, and I'm looking forward to the year ahead. UCAS Forms lurk just around the corner though, as my cousin Laura has just reminded me, and it is gonna be a tough couple of years before that. Maybe if I manage to string a little money together (which I believe requires getting a job... or so I'm told) then I won't be in a pile of debt quite as large as the one I would be in if I was shipped off to Uni now. But then again, if I take maths at the UEA then I can live at home too. How fun :'(

Final thought. In '07 I should have my blog RSS fed onto the Website I'm hoping to have. But until then its just here I'm afraid. Oh well.

Here's a song from 17 months (and 2 days) ago that I wrote. Something about nightmares, but its reminding me of all the slow Damien Rice music I've been listening to today.

Have a Happy 2007.

Nightmare Spirits
Linden Parker

A world full of silent screams,
Haunting everybody’s dreams,
Seeming like fictitious thought,
But they are real spirits caught.

Unbalanced in the path of time,
Seeking for some kind of sign,
But until then they haunt us all,
Playing us their endless call.

If only they could be released,
Freed from where they lay,
Allowed to get away from this,
Allowed to leave or stay.

Bad thoughts emanate without light,
Ghosts of darkness ghosts of night,
Seeking peace dealing pain,
Turning sunlight into rain.

Shadows dulling in the dark of day,
Know that they will never fail,
Bad prevails over good,
Although no one thought it would.


It’s not what we wanted it cannot remain,
Even if we try to refrain,
From choosing sides in the fight of the dreams,
We will have to decide to fight it seems.


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