28 November, 2006

US Midterms Update

And so it feels like weeks since the US Midterms - its been a whole 3 weeks actually <|:-O) - and the result? Bush and Roger (personified duck pictured in previous post) become closer than ever before! (See wikipedia article)

The Republicans have lost the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party by a spectacular 32 seats (with 3 seats still to be decided).

The Senate was a closer race, with the final results as 49 seats a-piece to Rep. and Dem. and two independents, who have agreed to "caucus" with the Democratic Party, so they technically hold a majority over the fascist Republicans! argh

Elsewhere, in a local election in South Dakota, Marie Steichen was elected to Jerauld County commissioner, despite the fact that she died two months before the election. Her name was never replaced on the ballot, and voters who chose her were aware of her death (See story on MSNBC).
Richmond, California, now has a Green Party Mayor.

And this was America, so you can't forget all of the idiotic sidetrack problems that occurred: A Kentucky poll worker was charged with choking a voter; in a small town in Oklahoma, a power outage in a polling station was caused by a squirrel gnawing on a power cable; and lots of "please don't vote or we will burn your house to the ground" threats in Virginia; there were also huge problems with the electronic voting system, mainly because 75% of Americans were unable to locate the "Enter" key on the voting pad.

Oh well, thats enough about America for the time being, or I shall become very angry and begin to plot a plan to displace Bush, again... and it will only end in pure tragedy.


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