03 February, 2007

Political Compass Test

A few weeks ago, I answered questions for my placement on the 2D Political Spectrum (the best of which can be found at politicalcompass.org).
The outcome what almost exactly as I had expected, and I was 2 units Left and 8 units Libertarian.
After conducting the test again just now, I have moved to 6 units Left, but thats relatively unimportant. (See new graph below)
The only substantial party from the 2005 election who comes close to me are the Green Party, and seeing as I don't like their progress at the moment (and surely their narrow-mindedness doesn't make them as Libertarian as this?) I don't have a party to go by.
The closest contemporary leader to me is the Dalai Lama, which I don't mind.
So everybody go to the website and take the test to see what you get.

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