24 February, 2007

Hair Cut!

Those of you who see me regularly will have seen the extent of my Hair Growing experiment. (Right: Me on Feb 21st 2007, wearing Jenni's glasses).
But now I know how easy it is to grow long flowing locks, and I can do it again if I want to, I have decided that a shorter look is in order, which will probably last me through to next Autumn.
So today I went to the Crop Shop and had a new do. I asked for something that was a bit like my hair last summer , when it was quite a bit shorter (see second image from Sept 06).
The outcome was shorter still but I'm liking it. I shall upload some a picture after Monday, so its still a surprise to everyone.

1 comment:

marika from sweden said...


Im feeling communicative today, so a will comment at another one of your blogs; now, something less serious!

I like it when guys have long hair - not to long, but the lenght you had, and it suited u wery well, but the shorter hair is good on u too. Very short hair can bee goodlooking as well if suits you, but to be honest, its not in my taste...to military...

A well, this concludes this serious matter! My verdict has fallen!

Perhaps i'll go and answer one of your questions on Myspace, or where it was...or maybe not..i hate to promice things...