02 January, 2007

Sadam and the Capital Punishment Question

On the 30th of December, we heard that Sadam Hussein had been executed, however only a few days later we were presented with television pictures which showed the video of him directly before his execution. It doesn't take much to find the full YouTube version of the video, in which you can see him falling to his death, as well as footage looking down on him as he perished.

Surely this absolutely gruesome footage asks again the question on human rights and capital punishment. Even when the victim is a man who I hate and I know deserves to die, I sit and know that the removal of life like that isn't right. Surely our government, especially with their "expressed opinion" on the matter, cannot just allow a newly created democracy to listen to America when they tell them that killing is the only way to make things better?

Anyway, in the meantime while international laws do not prevent such hangings, we might as well celebrate his death by accepting that he deserved everything he got.

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