11 January, 2007

Exams (Kerching)

So I've now added labels to all my posts (after working out how to update my blog to the latest thingy with wotsits and so on) and so I just thought I'd mention that at the start of the post.

So we begin with Maths C1 - a module in which I had previously had varying success across the term. Some of my homeworks have been as low as Ungraded, while my top pieces have been B's, as well as several A's! I was predicted an A before the test, and I would be happy enough with a B, but after sitting in the exam for an hour and a half, I came out smiling inside. I think I done really well, and am pretty sure I done well enough to get the A I wanted. Just hoping that I done as well as I think I did! =D

Then onto my other Exams - Government and Politics GOV1 & GOV2. I done my best, and answered definition questions on: mandate, party splits, campaign strategies, and potential members, and essay questions on referendums & giving electorate a chance to influence the government, geographical factors & voting behavior, party conferences & less policy, and pressure groups & the democratic process.
I think I made the right choices (maybe I thought I hadn't got a chance with some of the other questions!) but although everyone else thinks they done badly and failed, i think I done relatively well in both =D

Got to wait for the results in march, but I expect to be happy when they arrive - hoping for at least 2 Bs, but an A would be fantastic if I could get one.

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