20 November, 2007


The UCAS online system is as efficient as the British System of Public Transport!

It tells you what to put in, you put what it told you in, you think you're finished.
You submit the application, and then it tells you where you went wrong. But the great part is that once you've submitted your application, you CAN'T EDIT IT!
So it is telling you to edit it, when that is just the impossible!

I would have had the thing off and posted by the end of October if it weren't for the fncked up system that they use!

Oh, and it has an error with the Course start date. If you course starts in September 2008, and you put September 2008, then it may tell you that the start date you have entered is INVALID!!!

Oh the pain of it all!

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Arati Lohorung said...

hi Parker
we know one parker. That's Peter Parker!!!
Your blog is very nice. The Opinions have made it a nice blog that is what I think.
I am so amazed by your opinions. You are so focused in so early age.
All the best for your focused life!!