04 May, 2007


And this is where I should have a post saying how Labour have suffered badly! How not only the Torys, but also the LibDems have made great gains! How the LibDems have safely held South Norfolk!

But NO!
Labour have suffered moderately (in england at least), the Tory's have done well - too well, and often at the expense of the LibDems and NOT Labour!
The Conservatives gained 6 councils from the Liberal Democrats (including my own), and only 6 again from Labour; gaining 35 from NOC.
So now, for the first time in my life, I unfortunately live in an area with a Conservative council. What I want to know is how did the South Norfolk Liberal Democrats manage to loose 20 of their 27 seats to the conners? They go from a 8 seat majority to having 32 seats less than the Torys! Anyway, I am off to cry.

Congratulations to Mr Little who now has another friend on Norwich City Council after the Torys gained a seat. The Cons now make up 7.7% of the council, and are the forth party below Labour, Lib Dems and Greens (with only 3 seats).

Feel free to leave comments about the results in your area and your disappointment/happiness.


Rosanna said...

Woop Woop, guess who voted at 9:43pm lololol


jen said...

Wow i'm impressed. You are one of the only people who actually cared about the election and I had no idea who you were and you live here!! J x