03 October, 2006

A Whole New Blog

Wow, my very own blog - always wanted one of those...
But sarcasm aside, blogs can be cool; it just depends on what you talk about.

Not much has happened to me recently except the most obvious big change of moving to a big new school: Notre Dame Sixth Form.

It has to be one of the best changes that's happened in my life, as I've got a good group of friends - some of whom I've carried over from High School, but most of whom I have only met in the last few weeks. This includes my new girlfriend Kate.

Lessons are good too - it makes a big difference when you are learning subjects that you want to do rather than ones that you have to do (except that the evil Cathaholics force us to do RE for an hour a week).

Maths (Mrs Hayes & Mr Eaton) - very tough, but I'm just about keeping up with the rest of the class...

Music (Mr Milne, Mr McKee & Dr Stoppard) - despite getting an A at GCSE with no help from my high school teacher whatsoever, I am finding this quite tough.

German (Miss Clerehugh & Mrs Beckford) - This is going well. I've struggled with my memory and some of the vocab tests we've had, but I'm doing well with my grammer and can make sense more rightly in German than what I do when I am speaking my English best.

Chemistry (Mr Morley and Mrs Alcocer) - Not a lesson I expected to be doing at A-Level, and I'm still considering the drop as 5 subjects is too much. Mr Morley couldn't make his lessons more enjoyable - with setting fire to anything that moves (or doesn't move, in the case of the deoderant can and gas tap!!)

Government & Politics (Mr Little) - Taught by the most important Tory in Norwich South, Politics in fun yet very fast moving. As I have the lessons after school I find it more enjoyable than the other subjects, and it currently looks as though it will only run as a year course. Mr Little is alright for a Conservative, and you can find his blog at http://www.antonylittle.blogspot.com/ - he likes three-legged lesbian dwarves and blueberry muffins, however his dislikes include Save The Badgers Appeal, Margaret Thatchers denial that she is really a man and bearded sandal-wearing LibDems *at this point I will say that at the last general election Mr Little (23%) failed to get as many votes as the LibDem candidate (Andrew Aalders-Dunthorpe (29%) - who only done better due to his hilarious name) so clearly Mr Little isn't up to scratch with his Propaganda.

Oh dear - I seem to have spent most of the blog going off the point and talking about Mr Little... never mind! At least my Oak tree isn't "more of a tree than an Oak tree" (David Cameron).

Thanks, Linden Parker.

Any comments welcome.

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